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Add: SonglingTown, Wujiang
Tel: +86-0512-63366103

Fax: +86-0512-63341899

Mgr.: Ling yu ming


Zip Code: 215222


¡¡¡¡Wu Jiang city Song Ling town Copper oxide factory is located in Yangtze River Delta. Wu Jiang city ,which is named ¡° a land of milk and honey ", closes to No.318 National Highway and Shanghai-Huzhou Expressway in the south, and ¡°Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal¡±©pNo.227 provincial Highway and Suzhou-Hangzhou Expressway in the west. So it enjoys transportation convenience and advantaged economic environment. And it is the south door of Jiangsu province.
       Our factory was founded in 1984, after more than ten years¡¯ experience on the production of inorganic salt chemicals. Now, we have formed three series: Copper,Nickel and Cobalt, and over ten varieties. Our annual output: Cupric oxide 1500t,Nickel oxide 100t,Cobalt oxide 40t,Cupric corbonate 500t,Nano-CuO 100t and cuprous chloride 150 t. The products are well accepted in every provinces©pcities and autonomous regions in China ,even being welcomed in Europe©pAmerica and Asia. Our production are widely used in magnetic materials©pceramics©pglass©penamels©pfireworks and crackers etc.
        We insist in the principle of "scientific management, technical innovation, excellent equipment, strict inspection". All of our products are in line with national and enterprise standard. We will fully execute the tenet of "Civilized production, safety first; client paramount, quality first; technical progress, benefit first; scientific management, environment first" promote our competitive ability in an all-round way, focus on honest operation, perfect after-sales service, establish good commercial reputation and keep sound development.

Cupric oxide¡¡|¡¡Nickel oxide¡¡|¡¡Cobalt oxid¡¡|¡¡Cupric corbonate | Cuprous chloride |¡¡Nano-CuO
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